Friday, November 2, 2007

Garden in late October

Just after the first frost, I decided it was time to pull all of my lettuces. They were holding up quite well, but the weather is supposed to take a colder turn very soon. So on Monday Alli and her friend Tim and I pulled up all the arugula and mustard greens. I picked out the damaged leaves and we made a big salad for all four of us who ate dinner at home that night and still had a ton left over.

So it's been salad week, over here, and the only thing left in my garden is some beets, that feral mint and the decomposing hay mulch. The hay is much larger in quantity than the last time I noted it, because I bought a big bale of it when Alli, Brynne and I went to a farm selling pumpkins (and also cider, cheeses and hay, among other things). You should have seen Alli trying to wrestle that hay into the back of her perennially pristine car trunk. There's no better way to say "I love you."

Been a while

So I have gone quite a while without an update. And quite a few things have happened since I last posted.

We finally got some much needed rain around here, which all came at once and preceded the first frost by only a few days. And it's still a very dry year.

Hannah and I went apple picking, oh ages ago now. My garden is one part of my general eating locally and seasonally efforts and I've decided to include a few others from time to time. So we went apple picking. We each bought an absurd quantity of apples (about 25 pounds?) and I also got a lot of winter squash. When you re trying to eat seasonal and local there are times of year where you just have to make your peace with apples and squash. We've been able to supplement these things with the greens, root vegetables and late tomatoes from my garden and our experiments in bread making.

If you were to look in my refrigerator and freezer for a while there (and also now) you'd find a plethora of squash and pumpkin soups and homemade apple sauce. Alli can cut up apples REALLY FAST as I learned while I was trying to peel them and keep up with her when we were loading our crock pot for the applesauce. It was a truly delicious applesauce but all those apples and apples products went surprisingly fast.